When Dale and Kristina Talk, Attendees Listen



Dale Lidicker and Kristina Halstead would be honored to speak to your group … either together or separately.

Dale Lidicker

Dale excels in creating lessons for students of all ages, including parents and teachers. Understanding the special needs world is a gift that he has embraced enthusiastically, taking great pride in the growth and accomplishments of his many students. With his a level of patience, deep understanding of how to connect with children and keen sense of humor, no one leaves his circle without major growth and commitment.

Dale Lidicker is an effective communicator and problem-solver who is frequently sought after by students, staff, and parents for his valuable educational insight, inquisitiveness, and opinions. 

Watching him bring the light of comprehension into the eyes of the students lucky enough to be enrolled in his classes is a sight to behold.  His absolute patience, incredible passion for learning, and dynamic ability to build and maintain positive rapport with students motivated all students to actively engage in the learning in his class. 

James A. Jelinek, Ph.D.
Principal-Dakota Ridge High School, CO

KristinaKristina has little fear and is willing to try just about anything. With her joy for living and life, she has been a role model for many in her community who are able-bodied. Although confined to a wheel chair, the mobility of her mind and spirit has raised many thousands of dollars to support causes in her community for others. Her wheel chair should have its own frequent flyer number. Kristina’s mantra is, “Yes I can and Yes I will!”

Kristina  is a world traveler, educator and activist for people with disabilities.  More than that, she is a pioneer with a spirit larger than life and a true inspiration.

She has more passion and determination than most people I’ve met and tries to infuse this passion in others who face the same challenges which is something you don’t see a lot of even in the “able-bodied” world. Kristina takes on life as if she’s been there before and knows how to get the most out of it.

Matt Feeney, Co-Founder
Adaptive Adventures 

Dale Lidicker and Kristina Halstead

Either together or separately, your group will be touched by what both Dale Lidicker and Kristina Halstead have accomplished as teacher and student … and at times, student and teacher. Two amazing individuals who have made a difference in their own lives because of their friendship and the lives of thousands because of their presence.  






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