Aug 182014

How a Student Can Teach and a Teacher Can Learn

Kristina rolled into my life in 2004. Literally. You see, she has cerebral palsy and gets around in a wheelchair. She came to me as a sixth grader; a passionate, expressive girl whose difficulty verbalizing her thoughts hindered her ability to express herself.

I was her special education teacher. She would eventually become my teacher.

“What do you see yourself doing after high school?” I asked one day as I wheeled her to the elevator. She was then in eighth grade. Kristina wryly replied that she was not going to be a professional soccer player. She wanted to be a part of a publishing company and write.

Aug 082013

Evergreen Parks and Recreation

This local organization provides facilities and activities for all member participants. They also have a special populations program that provides a wide range of community, recreational, cultural, and leisure activities for those with special needs. Some of the outcomes include improved life and social skills. You may recall from the book that Kristina’s involvement in this program was life changing.