Kristina Halstead


Kristina Halstead Kristina is an award winning young adult who is passionate about raising awareness about those with diversities. Kristina routinely volunteers for fund raising events and has raised thousands of dollars for charities. She is very active in adaptive sports which include skiing, swimming, horseback riding, and bowling.

Kristina is looking forward to continuing her education in some format, either through on-line courses or at Red Rocks Community College.   Her love of learning will lead to being an educational major where she will gain the knowledge to reach out and teach others the joys and skills of living.

She plans on continuing in her role as a community leader, “leading by example” and will always be an advocate for others.  This next year, she hopes to continue and expand her role as a volunteer teacher’s assistant at Evergreen Middle School with the hope of eventually gaining a paid paraprofessional/teacher’s assistant position with the school district.

Kristina will continue to support various non-profits and possibly even create her own non-profit group that will further raise awareness and needed funding, so that others can experience the joys of participating in therapeutic recreational programs, such as skiing and horseback riding.


Visiting all 50 states has been one of Kristina’s personal goals, already visiting more than 15 states by the age of 20. She has been an avid world traveler all her life and has been in 7 foreign countries.  With her book being released, she hopes that she can possibly combine future speaking engagements with travel to new destinations.

Kristina greatly appreciates all that the world has to offer and her “let’s do it” attitude will never keep her on the sidelines for long.

2010 Youth Volunteer of the Year Evergreen Chamber of Commerce

Inaugural/Past President Kiwanis Aktion Club 2011

Kristina swimmingChallenges

Kristina will always be in a personal battle with what her mind wants to do and what her body will allow her to achieve.  Since birth, she has experienced so many emotional and physical challenges already in her life, yet nothing holds her back. She realizes that she loves to participate in life’s activities and has made the personal commitment to continue to exercise her body through swimming and other activities, so that she can remain as active as possible.

Keeping that positive, can do attitude is so essential in Kristina’s desire and drive to live life to its fullest and to reach her dreams.  She knows that she will always be dependent on others to help her with her physical needs.  Finding and recruiting those “New Guardian Angels” to join and share in her in her life’s journey will most likely be an ongoing challenge for her. Fortunately, she has always had the gift to attract and inspire others, to jump on board her life’s voyage, and to join her in sharing and inspiring others to “Love Life.”

Charities and Civic Service Clubs

To be able to give back to others and support their needs, will always bring a sense of joy and pride to her and to others around her.  Wise beyond her years, she recognizes that we all have “special needs” of some sort.

Kristina’s ability to soften up and move other individuals to take action is truly unique and inspiring.  When she “shows up,” her attitude is both positive and enthusiastic …she instantly and quietly inspires others, with her “If, I can do it, we all can do it” drive to do good for others. When anyone sees her in action, very few choose not to reach down inside themselves to do just a little more.


Kristina does not have a big desire for personal recognition, but she continues to receive awards and publicity for her actions including: 2012 Yes, I Can Award winner Council for Exceptional Children School & Community Activities category

Thoughts about Diversity

Many people in the public think that when individuals can’t talk, that they do not care what is going on around them.  But they do care!  Because of that, I have become a big supporter of all individuals in wheelchairs that might not be able to communicate for themselves.  I have become a voice for the people who can’t talk and I try to get others to understand their points of view.

The main program that I support is the Evergreen Parks and Recreation’s “Special Populations Program”. It is one of the most unique programs in North America, serving individuals with a large variety of special needs, from pre-school to young adults. 

The program director, Maren Schreiber, along with the rest of her staff and a community of volunteers, has chosen to support myself and friends and to provide us opportunities, to fully participate in just about any activity that we/they can think of.  Having FUN and having friends around me, has helped me realize, that “Yes, Life is good”, with a little help from my friends.

Things that people should know

  1. Don’t judge the book by its cover.  Please read the entire book.
  2. Please don’t just stare at people with disabilities. Approach us and ask the questions that you may have.  We are just like you and we like to help others, just like you do.
  3. Always focus on the abilities and strengths that we have instead of focusing on the things that we are challenged with.