Aug 082013


Teachers share SMART Board activities on this site in every conceivable content area. This site is loaded with already created activities. Why reinvent the wheel? You can download and tweak the activities to meet your needs. As long as you are set up to use the SMART Board software, it is free.

Aug 082013

Council for Exceptional

This is a comprehensive site geared for educators of children with special needs. This organization actively advocates for children with special needs. They provide useful resources and they have a bookstore. One of the resources is Life Centered Education (LCE), a useful program for teaching life skills. You can subscribe to the daily news (SmartBrief) in education free of charge. Professional memberships in their organization are available.

Jul 212013

I am sure that you wonder about the educational landscape today. I do. As a teacher, I am interested in sharing thoughts and ideas related to the education of children, particularly those with special needs. Whether it is sharing lesson ideas, adventures in differentiation, instructional resources, educational law, meaningful anecdotes, or the general state of being of our educational system, let’s talk. Join me in The Nuts and Bolts of Special Education.