Nov 022017

Jeffco Public Schools has a school board that listens. They are following a path with heart. They have compassion for the students, teachers, and community. This is evidenced by keeping traditional public schools open, respecting teachers, and providing more resources and supports to students. Another example is recently hiring a top-notch superintendent.

This was not always the case. From 2013 to 2015, we had an autocratic school board majority hell-bent on forcing a corporate privatization agenda down the throats of our public schools and the community at large.

The corporate privatization movement, better known as “educational reform”, has been destroying our public education system over the last few decades. It’s a national phenomenon. Under the guise of choice, we are racially and socioeconomically segregating students once again even though we live in a diverse country. The very structure that our educational system is turning into screams prejudice.

In the case of some charter school chains, who are always vying for a piece of the educational “market,” public education means figuring out ways to siphon public tax dollars into private owners’ pockets. In short, making money off the backs of children on the public dole.

In 2015, parents, students, teachers, and the citizens of Jeffco banded together and championed the truth as a revolutionary act. We said, “Enough!” We restored sanity to our district by mounting an extraordinary recall campaign, ousted a dysfunctional school board majority, and excised the malignant tumor of so-called educational reform before it metastasized to the extent of killing our entire district.

We are still in the process of healing from the destruction that our former school board majority left in its wake. Well over a thousand teachers left Jeffco during their tenure. The leadership of Jeffco departed and were replaced by lackeys.

Thankfully, the school board has set the tone for repairing the damage. We have better district leadership. Teachers who left are being replaced.

A constitutional republic demands a sound public educational system. This is where communities have an opportunity to exercise democratic principles and processes to strengthen our neighborhood’s public schools and make every single one of them a “choice” school due to their excellence and ability to provide a vibrant education to all students.

Now, it is up to us to continue the healing. We need to vote and allow Rupert, Harmon, and Mitchell to stay the course.

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