Would You Like to Cut Your Reading Time in Half?


You Can Double or Triple Your Reading Efficiency 

Speed readingWe all need to keep up with an explosion of information ranging from current events to keeping up in our professions. So do you.

Do you have academic responsibilities that you need to keep pace with?

An essential facet of self-education is reading and studying. More than ever, you need to become a part of an educated citizenry.


Read fast!

Once learned, improved reading efficiency is a tool that you can use to keep up with this flood of information while saving your valuable time.

I have partnered with Hearthfire Books in Evergreen, Colorado
to offer
free speed reading mini-lessons.

You will experience a lesson in speed reading that will improve your reading speed by 25, 50, or even 100 words per minute without losing comprehension. Some students double their reading speed!

You will also learn the nuts and bolts of Speed Reading Today and how you can enroll for summer classes. In those classes, you will learn:

  • Increase Reading Efficiency (Reading Speed and Comprehension)
  • Reading Flexibility
  • Study Skills, Note Taking, and Reading Procedures
  • Lecture Note Taking
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Memory
  • Maintaining Your Skill
  • Extensions into Writing
  • Reading on Computer Screens and Electronic Devices

Your FREE personalized, mini-lesson can be arranged by calling Dale Lidicker at 303-501-9387.

Hearthfire Books Storefront

HearthFire Books Storefront

HearthFire Books and Treats
1254 Bergen Parkway
Suite D118
Evergreen, CO 80439
Located in Bergen Village Shopping Center


Hope to see you there!